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Discounts and promotions relating to care and support for the global LGBTQIA+ community
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Discover all discounts, coupons and promotional codes available from the businesses, services and event organisers on Gayther Affinity.

Whether a percentage off of your total spend or a fixed amount, coupons can help you save more with the businesses and services that welcome the LGBTQIA+ community
IMPORTANT: Unless stated, all published coupons are offered on behalf of businesses and organisations (external third parties) listed within one of the Gayther directories not Gayther. The business, organisations, services or event organisers (coupon creators) are responsible for all matters relating to the coupon. The service and published coupons are provided by Gayther free of charge, and by using a published coupon, you accept that you are doing so at your own risk. Gayther does not validate, endorse, warrant or recommend any products or services associated with the coupons. All coupons are offered on discretionary bases, and neither Gayther nor the coupon creator accepts any responsibility for typos or expired coupons…more


To access an active coupon, copy the code (if applicable) and click on the ‘Go to the Deal‘ button.
Standard restrictions may apply..learn more
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STANDARD RESTRICTIONS: All coupons, discounts and promotional codes will be subject to the terms and conditions stated by the organisation, business, service or event organiser (coupon creator). The terms and conditions, including any restrictions, may be stated within the published coupon or within the coupon creator’s website or service. All coupons are offered at the discretion of the coupon creator and may be subject to change or cancellation at any time. Promotions typically have an expiry date and will often:
  • not be redeemable for cash or gift cards
  • cannot be used with any previous purchases
  • cannot be used with any other coupons, discounts, offers, or promotions
  • will become void if altered, copied, transferred, auctioned or sold
  • will be valid for one-time use
  • may not apply to any sales tax, shipping or handling costs
The discount, promotion or offer will require you to state or enter a specific code. Before completing your purchase, you should ensure that the code was applied successfully by reviewing the discounted amount from the total or asking for confirmation from the creator of the coupon.

If any coupon violates, misrepresents, is unlawful or poses significant harm to our users, please get in touch with us ( so we can immediately investigate and remove it from the service. All coupons are offered on a discretionary basis and can be withdrawn at any time


Acceptance and coming to terms with a part of what makes you can be challenging for many people. The Gayther pride in series is about celebrating all things relating to sexualities, gender identities and special groups. Showcasing the exceptional people, interesting facts and ways to connect with those unique communities, all designed to help and promote pride in LGBTQIA+ identities
Quickly find all the information you need when planning a trip. Home to over 600 detailed country and regional guides, including a wide range of general information as well as dedicated LGBTQIA+ specific details
Search over 900 unique weather locations using the fun and interactive weather tool. Discover the best time to travel to a specific area, when is it the hottest, when is the least chance of rain or when it might snow
Planning a trip takes time and effort. Deciding where to go and how to get there can be a challenge. The interactive travel tool is home to thousands of airports, trains, buses and ports worldwide



The big directory comprises fourteen groups and over one thousand categories, from travel accommodation to home maintenance

There are thousands of events taking place, it is not always easy to know what is going on and when, Gayther can help

The Care Providers and Services directory lists businesses and services that are inclusive and welcoming to all
There are millions of non-profit organisations, advice services, and support groups worldwide, all designed to help you


Discover more about the extensive tools, services and guides available on Gayther. From country and regional guides to LGBTQIA+ community resources, learn more about all that Gayther has to offer

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Planning a trip? Gayther provides extensive country guides for every country across the globe
Find the information you need quickly with the wide range of guides available on Gayther
Be inspired and have some fun, with a wide range of articles, personality tests, quizzes and crosswords on offer
Discover more about sexuality, from the various identities to inspiring content and information
Discover more about the unique and diverse gender identities within the LGBTQIA+ community
Discover more about the special groups and the people and organisations supporting and helping the LGBTQIA+ community
Not sure what you are looking for? There are many ways to find what you need quickly; the search section provides links to the many search services
Impress your friends with key facts and keep updated on the latest developments and trends within the community
Discover Gayther Trinary, three unique services focused on the different aspects and requirements of the LGBTQIA+ community
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